Most of the time, when vacationers travel to Belize they are counting on their vacation to be filled with hot and sunny days. With an average yearly temperature of 84F, (29C) Hopkins is almost always warm, yet comfortable with the ever-present sea breezes to keep you cool in the hottest of months.

In winter, November through March, the temperature in Belize rarely falls below 60F (16C).  Humidity is usually high, regardless of the season. Rainy season is June 1 to November 1. However, I think that is changing as we are seeing more rain in mid to late November. This past rainy season, it rained almost every day, but only at night, when we slept. Each morning, with the rise of the sun, the rain subsided and the sun came out. Rainbows were plentiful.

Many years ago, before Will and I moved to Hopkins, we were here on vacation. We planned to stay the month of January to “see if we could call Hopkins home.” We decided we would not participate in any tourist activities to mimic what life would be like for us in the village. It ended up pouring rain every day that month. We were living in Dallas at the time and hadn’t seen much rain. Will and I rotated between hammock, chairs, to a different chair. We read and slept. We ate great food. We relaxed. I mean, really relaxed. To this very day, it is the most decadent vacation we’ve experienced.

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