What kind of shoes should I bring?

High heels or even wedges don’t work well for a place like Belize and will just take up unnecessary room in your luggage. If you haven’t thought of packing a pair of hiking sandals, you should. If you don’t have any, you may want to consider purchasing some as they are long-lasting and versatile, working well on the beach or mountains.

Why pack hiking sandals?

Hiking sandals offer a nice alternative to hiking boots in a tropical climate, like Belize. They work well for hiking, cave kayaking, floating the river, and more. Hiking sandals are light enough that they also work well for beach activities and walking. Of course, hiking sandals are not meant for treacherous terrain and heavy back packs.

Climbing the Maya ruins of Belize or going to Cockscomb or Mayflower National Parks require good shoes. Flip flops simply do not provide ankle support and traction, that are needed even for a stroll through the parks, much less strenuous hiking. Hiking sandals are a better alternative to tennis shoes as they have more traction and dry out faster. Unlike tennis shoes, they can be worn with or without socks.

For walking around Hopkins, flip flops and sandals just fine for some. But between the intense heat and more walking in dirt streets than you may be accustom to, you may consider something more, as it is not uncommon for delicate shoes to fall apart. Being here on vacation as a tourist, I did not enjoy the long trek back to Hopkins Inn when one of my sandals blew apart. So now, I prefer a hardier shoe–that is–when I wear them! Feel free to go barefoot!

Regardless of whether you pack hiking sandals or not, it is good to pack a pair of shoes that serves more than one purpose. You may not have had a chance to think about it, but having roller board suitcases or heavy luggage can be challenging in the sand. Many places do not have paved walk-ways and such, like in the U.S. or Mexico. Also, many of the guest houses and inns are built with smaller closets than some may be accustom to, so one less pair of shoes is a good thing. Lastly, we have found that traveling light simply is more enjoyable, especially in the heat, as lugging around big bags can take away from the fun.






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