Budget Bites

We hear quite often that guests want to save money and stay somewhere they can cook some of their meals.

While I appreciate wanting to save money and cook, I would recommend doing that somewhere else, but not in Hopkins. Some say Hopkins is a food mecca! Enjoying the food really is part of the experience! So, not only do I suggest going out, the good news is that it is affordable to do so. Below is a list of places that may not be on your radar or in any travel books either as they are off the beaten path. Some tourists simply don’t manage to venture out to try them, but I can assure you, your taste buds will be glad that you did.

At Hopkins Inn, continental breakfast is included in the room rate. We serve breads made by local women—things like Johnny cakes, powder bun, bun, and creole bread with fresh local fruits like papaya, pineapple, molly apples, and mangos.  However, if you were not staying at the Inn, you could purchase the breads from local women, particularly at the Belfuna Women’s’ Coop for about $1-$2BZ each. You could also go to the fruit and vegetable stands as opposed to the grocery stores for fresher foods and more variety. (Hopkins has two vegetable stands.) Molly apples and star fruit are typically $1BZ each, while $1BZ gets you ten bananas!

To go out for breakfast, Tina’s has an amazing veggie omelette for $3US/$6BZ or her Belizean breakfast with fish and fried jacks is $6US/$12BZ. Tina serves breakfast all day, now!  Felicia, at Queen Bean, is known for her stuffed fry jacks (they are stuffed with eggs, bacon, and veggies) as well as her fried chicken and pancakes. Both are $5US/$10BZ each. Fry jacks are like beignets.

For lunch or just some snacks around town, Virge’s serves panandes, empanadas and such for $1-$2BZ each. La Runi Hati has small burritos for $3BZ, Cassava fries for a few dollars, and my favorite—fish fajitas for $5US/$10BZ.  Belfuna’s Women’s’ Coop usually serves just one item for lunch, a regularly featured item is stew chicken $4US/$7BZ or Hudut or fry fish for $6US/$12BZ. Melting Pot does some of the best fry fish in town, but be prepared to wait as she (as do other restaurants) prepare all food to order. There fry fish runs about $6US/$12BZ or she has a $1.50US/$3BZ chicken burrito or a burrito with cheese for $2US/$4BZ that most people are content to share.

Dinner in the village is same type of fair—stew chicken, fry fish, or cultural foods like Hudut, Bundigo, or Darassa. The best fish and chips in the village is at Windschief for $7US/$15BZ. The fish tacos there are delicious too. They have avocados on them when they are in season. An order of four tacos runs about $6US/$12BZ.

No one goes hungry in Hopkins!


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