Tina’s Kitchen

Will and I say, “You haven’t been to Hopkins, if you haven’t been to Tina’s Kitchen.” Tina and her sisters are all chefs and have restaurants. She began hers in a stick building about the size of a phone booth, but quickly moved to a larger location to accommodate her growing customer base. Tina’s food was so popular, she moved again to her current location, just two blocks north of the pier.

Truly one could order anything on Tina’s menu, but my favorite is her shrimp. She serves it with a creole sauce of tomatoes, onions, and green peppers. It’s full of garlic, she roasts in the pan and puts an impressive 5-inch flame on it as she flambees it in her open kitchen. Tina is usually singing as she does this. If you ask, she will give you a heads up before she flambees the shrimp and you can snap a photo. She charges $12.50US/$25BZ for the shrimp.

Tina’s stew chicken is arguable the best in the village, but that is a highly-debated topic in Hopkins, but most agree her stew beans stand-out from the others. She serves the traditional Garifuna dishes daily, choosing one each day to feature, like Bundiga or Darassa for $6US/$12BZ.  Everyone loves Tina’s breakfast omelettes, French toast, and the “Belizean breakfast” of fish, fry jacks, and stew beans, so she now serves breakfast all day. For vegetarians, she serves an amazing vegetable Caribbean curry.

On Friday’s, there is drumming from 7pm-9pm.